Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hello fellow Patriots,
   Well it has been a BAD week for unions so that means it has been a GOOD week for We the People. Unions were SMACKED in more than just Wisconsin this week. As you may have heard 2 cities in well known liberal cities in California voted to limit public sector unions cost of living increases among other things as well. So all in all a good week. The American tax payer is tired as hell of getting hosed by public sector unions and I hope and pray that their days are numbered. If enough people stand up and say loud & clear ENOUGH! we can abolish them permanently from this country. They are an albatross hanging around our neck. They are a major reason why there is so much corruption in Washington D.C.
    I live in South Carolina which is a right to work state and we had a lot of problems with unions wanting to shut down Boeing here. How dare they come to a place with an excellent work force, low corporate taxes and no unions. Well we fought them and won, so we knew it could be done. So here's to more union goon smack-downs! We ain't gonna stop, we ain't gonna be silent and we are gonna take you down!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

                                            The history of the union thug (as I see it).                                 

  Once upon a time there was the little worker bee, we'll call him John. Yea, yea I know real creative.  Don't get me distracted because I am slightly ADHD o.k? Well John worked for a big bad boss. We'll call him Mr. Assholder (LOL). Well Mr. Assholder was very mean to John and made him work 80 hrs. a week and made him lick his boots. There was no one to help poor John.  He was very sad.
  One day John wasn't busy licking Mr. Assholder's boots he looked around and saw to his amazement lots of Mr. Assholders and lots of Johns (not that kind) get your mind out of the gutter. John decided to talk to the others that were like him. They joined together to fight the Evil Mr. Assholders of their city and the premise of labor unions was born.
   Now fast forward to the 1930's and the influence of the mob was already deeply embedded in the Labor Unions. The mass corruption had turned a truly wonderful idea into a money laundering service for the mob. The stench was so bad from the mob that no union was safe from the malodorous control of the goons.
   Although the United States had a Dept. of Labor by March 4th 1913 the workers still needed protection from the Mr. Assholders of the world and unions and their corruption grew by leaps and bounds during the 1940's and 1950's.
   In 1970 another layer of protection for workers was added with the creation of Occupation Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). Unions were becoming unnecessary and ugly. The frightened goons did not want to give up all the power and influence they had amassed so they began to try to cover up the corruption and clean up their image.
   Now if you would like a current look at unions today, just take a look at what happened in Wisconsin last year. The teachers union (yes the people we entrust to teach our children) trashed the court house, lied and left the children they are so concerned about without any one to teach them. Why? One simple word GREED!
   Now the purpose of my blog is to inform you dear reader and to learn from you as well. All comments will be appreciated and given the utmost consideration. I will soon be adding lists of unionized companies and would love your input. I can't find'em all ya know. So I hope you will visit often and contribute often. My only wish for this blog is to maybe do a little to end the influence of unions on our political process. Until next time this is Lololanee signin' off.